Decisive Moments/Unique Viewpoints

My version

photo by Luis Liwanag

Venus’ version

photo by Venus Pacer

A unique viewpoint by Yummy Dingding

Little Wing Luna’s version

Visual Perspective– Photographers are the eyes of the reader and should show them things they may not be able to see for themselves. In other words, a unique visual approach.

And that’s exactly what happened here. As I was shooting during the weekend, with my wife and friends…I thought i was the only one who captured the moment of a father taking care of his child. My viewpoint was very limited and i concentrated on capturing the bond between the father and baby. The moment gave me a feeling of warmth and it got me so excited that I forgot to look beyond the two subjects. I was oblivious to my fellow shooting buddies who managed to take notice of the moment and was shooting from their own unique perspectives. My wife Venus manged to capture a more comprehensive story of a whole family as they go about their daily life…living on the streets of Manila.


CONECTADOS will be co-curated by Cesar Caballero, Spanish artist residing in the Philippines, and Kenneth Esguerra, Ayala Museum’s Senior Curator and Head of Conservation. This will be composed of a three-part program –

It is an exhibition of photographs by select award-winning photographers from the Philippines, Spain and Mexico, at the Ground Floor Gallery of Ayala Museum from November 8-25, 2012. This will be formally opened on Thursday, November 8, 2012, at 6:30 PM;

It is a five-night, five-hour simultaneous presentations of multimedia projections focusing on select works of the participating artists in five prime locations such as the sprawling black granite façade of Ayala Museum, the Tower One arch, Makati Stock Exchange wall, The Link, and the Fashion Walk at Greenbelt 5. The multimedia projections will be conducted from November 8-12, from 6:00-11:00 PM; and

Watch for special live multimedia performance of the world-renowned Spanish multimedia artist Suso33 ( during the opening reception on Thursday, November 8. His in-situ action visual performance will highlight the formal opening of the exhibition and launch of CONECTADOS.


A collection of Images from the Filipino “Perya” a local country fair held during town Fiestas where people can bet on different games of chance, watch novelty shows, eat local delicacies and enjoy carnival rides. photos taken by participants of the Wide Open Streets Workshop.

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Egay Aguilar
Jd Diestro
Luis Liwanag
Venus Liwanag
Little Wing Luna
Marko Matillano
Alizza Mistades

Canonet crossroads…


So ,,,like i said, I was on my way to meet Jason Guttierez, a former officemate at the Agence france Presse. He bought my trusty old camers..While trying to shoot my ex-canonet for the last time and before we part ways, Jason took his Iphone from his pocket and shot us all together..


Of course there were also other subject inside Seattle’s Best…



Gassho…my dear friend

There comes a time when dear friends have to part ways as each go on with their life’s journeys…today is one of those days as I bring my “Canonet” to her next shooting buddy, a kindred spirit, an accomplished war correspondent and a passionate photographer himself.
But before we start her journey, a few wisps of incense smoke and a communion with the likenesses of Buddha should envelop her with bliss and cosmic vibes and surely with love.
Gassho my friend. No tears for me…###….