Ways of seeing

A Classic and Contemporary Street Photography workshop aiming to declassify the mysteries and techniques behind the genre of Street Photography and how to be able to capture life on the streets with an informed approach and personal visual understandings.

Photography has never been easy for me…ever since I got hooked to it when I was still in grade school. I have spent a lot of saved money and allowances just to be able to buy film and a lot of times,  It was a lot of fun!..there are a lot of debates on how to be a good creative photographer, and some say it can be learned, while others contend that it is already within us…just waiting to be awaken.
So if that’s the case, does that mean that only a handful can ever be a good photographer? In this workshop, we go beyond the basics of learning to use a camera and delve deeper into finding your own ways of seeing …by digging  experiences and learning from my own visual journey.

Interested parties may email me at luis.liwanag@gmail.com for more detailed information on how to join.
Works of previous participants can be found HERE