Another Hot Summer Night


It’s summer again and almost a year after my last entry. Due to pressing personal matters, I have stopped doing workshops on Street Photography for quite a while and a lot of similar workshops have sprouted due to the rapidly expanding numbert of advocates of the Genre. Street Photography is going through a global resurgence. It was almost 4 years ago today when I bravely started a workshop to explore and exlain the dialectics of the street and the nuances of imagery. I was a fan of street photography since I started dabbling in human interest or daily life photography and it was a lonely endeavor because of very few kindred spirits in the local scene.But times have changed…SP forums and groups mushroomed and with it knowledge.Schools of thoughts emerged and knowledge of the genre flowered.

I believe that Street Photography as we know it is in a continuous flux, confusion on what defines it abounds. The question in our minds are “What is Street Photography and what is isn’t?”. In my workshops, we explore it and attack it with an open mind…we follow the path set out by it’s masters but we also try to evolve it in ways that is as dynamic as the life it tries to capture.
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