Getting inspired

Whenever I go out hunting for images on the street, I don’t really have a planned theme…Street photography for me is supposed to be spontaneous or unplanned..the fun of it is when moments or a unique vignette of a scene pops out from your visual landscape. Themes and projects are for the photojournalistic side of my brain. Street photography allows me to wear a different hat. to have the luxury of being able to shoot freely and without pressure from paid assignments.
Most of the time, you lose your touch …and that is the main reason why photography has to be a passion, a lifestyle…It is and should be a part of my daily life, otherwise I suffer from a “visual block”.
Today I started out by visiting The San Sebastian church, where i sat down, absorbed the tranquility and began to meditate, to thank God for pulling me out of evry predicament I thought I could not handle. Then I became aware of the surroundings and began to shoot.



San Sabastian Church 2014
San Sabastian Church 2014











Kickstarting new life into my blog (procrastinating sucks the life out of you)

It has been ages since I’ve posted something into my sites, and a lot of things have happened since. To name a few…calamities, devastation, political chaos, family crisis, health concerns, loss of friends and stuff related to our existence on this planet.That was 2013 and I have somehow managed to navigate all of those in a rally towards the last quarter. Although I almost didn’t make it through the last days of December due to extreme exhaustion and probably mental anguish from the life-taxing coverage that was typhoon Haiyan.
It’s now 2014 and since I promised myself to somehow inject new blood into my websites, I am now just attempting to follow through on my self-promise.

Self you say?. that’s a good place to start…since we are in the “selfie” capital, I would like to post one from the hundreds I have stashed away.

Probe shoot  selfie
Taken a few days back during a lull in a video shoot with the Probe team.