Dateline: Tacloban, Six months after Typhoon Haiyan

It’s been quite a while since I have revisited typhoon devastated Tacloban City. I was hoping on documenting it’s rise from devastation.
A couple of weeks back, just before the 6 month after typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) struck and destroyed a large swath of the area, I was commissioned to do some video work for the UN’s Farm and Agriculture Organization. Below is the finished short.

May 2014
Typhoon Haiyan (locally known as Yolanda) hit the central Philippines on 8 November 2013, destroying some 600 000 hectares of farmland and leaving tens of thousands of farmers without a source of income, severely threatening their food security.

Thanks to an immediate response by the international community, the Department of Agriculture and FAO were able to assist tens of thousands of rice farmers quickly restore and replant their devastated fields in the wake of the disaster, working closely with the national government at all levels. Within weeks of the disaster, FAO, the Department of Agriculture and their partners, began distributing certified rice seeds and urea fertilizer to severely affected farmers, reaching 80 000 families in time for the December/January planting season.

Some have already gathered their crops, others will be doing so over the coming weeks and into early June, giving farmers hope for the future and kick-starting their recovery.

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Neil Young is God

For Neil Young, the Sixties never ended. The music, memories and changes haunt his best songs and records like bittersweet perfume: vital, endlessly renewing inspirations that are also constant, enraging reminders of promises broken and ideals betrayed. In “Twisted Road,” one of eight new songs sprawled across this turbulent two-CD set, Young recalls, in a brilliantly mixed metaphor, the first time he heard Bob Dylan’s “Like a Rolling Stone”: “Poetry rolling offhis tongue/Like Hank Williams chewing bubble gum.” And Young tells you what he did with the impact. “I felt that magic and took it home/Gave it a twist and made it mine,” he sings over Crazy Horse’s rough-country swagger, as if the marvel of that time and his dreams are still close enough to touch.

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Ramada Inn:
This time machine bring you back into Neil’s mind/road trip into 60’s Americana…and back before you know it. Some of the kaleidoscopic imagery remind’s me of the 90’s when I almost worked at the Berkeley System’s screensaver company doing the famous flying toasters….

Mangrove Fight club

Under the canopy of the lush mangrove nurseries of Palawan, a few young boys get together to follow their dreams of being a boxer like their idol…Manny Pacquiao, as they cover their tender fists with old scraps of raggedy fabric…to punch on old sacks for practice and hoping to win PHP 500 as prize money for a regular barangay amateur boxing night.


CONECTADOS will be co-curated by Cesar Caballero, Spanish artist residing in the Philippines, and Kenneth Esguerra, Ayala Museum’s Senior Curator and Head of Conservation. This will be composed of a three-part program –

It is an exhibition of photographs by select award-winning photographers from the Philippines, Spain and Mexico, at the Ground Floor Gallery of Ayala Museum from November 8-25, 2012. This will be formally opened on Thursday, November 8, 2012, at 6:30 PM;

It is a five-night, five-hour simultaneous presentations of multimedia projections focusing on select works of the participating artists in five prime locations such as the sprawling black granite façade of Ayala Museum, the Tower One arch, Makati Stock Exchange wall, The Link, and the Fashion Walk at Greenbelt 5. The multimedia projections will be conducted from November 8-12, from 6:00-11:00 PM; and

Watch for special live multimedia performance of the world-renowned Spanish multimedia artist Suso33 ( during the opening reception on Thursday, November 8. His in-situ action visual performance will highlight the formal opening of the exhibition and launch of CONECTADOS.