Kickstarting new life into my blog (procrastinating sucks the life out of you)

It has been ages since I’ve posted something into my sites, and a lot of things have happened since. To name a few…calamities, devastation, political chaos, family crisis, health concerns, loss of friends and stuff related to our existence on this planet.That was 2013 and I have somehow managed to navigate all of those in a rally towards the last quarter. Although I almost didn’t make it through the last days of December due to extreme exhaustion and probably mental anguish from the life-taxing coverage that was typhoon Haiyan.
It’s now 2014 and since I promised myself to somehow inject new blood into my websites, I am now just attempting to follow through on my self-promise.

Self you say?. that’s a good place to start…since we are in the “selfie” capital, I would like to post one from the hundreds I have stashed away.

Probe shoot  selfie
Taken a few days back during a lull in a video shoot with the Probe team.