Canonet crossroads…


So ,,,like i said, I was on my way to meet Jason Guttierez, a former officemate at the Agence france Presse. He bought my trusty old camers..While trying to shoot my ex-canonet for the last time and before we part ways, Jason took his Iphone from his pocket and shot us all together..


Of course there were also other subject inside Seattle’s Best…



Gassho…my dear friend

There comes a time when dear friends have to part ways as each go on with their life’s journeys…today is one of those days as I bring my “Canonet” to her next shooting buddy, a kindred spirit, an accomplished war correspondent and a passionate photographer himself.
But before we start her journey, a few wisps of incense smoke and a communion with the likenesses of Buddha should envelop her with bliss and cosmic vibes and surely with love.
Gassho my friend. No tears for me…###….

What’s in your Bag? (SP mode)

Whenever i go out as a street photographer, I try to just lug two small cameras on my neck, but I always end up being sorry if something else unfolds on my sojourns in the city. As a backup when leaving my DSLR at home, I bring my trusty Leica M4-2 with a 35mm and a 50mm inside my bag… I find that film still has an edge over digital when you want to capture depth and atmospheric images for wet printing inside the darkroom. A backup camera, the X100,which suffers from a sticky shutter syndrome since day 1 produces excellent quality raw images….comparable to my workhorse 5DMKII , so i bring it everytime…just to make sure I catch those breaking news events while iut shooting on the streets. Here is a glimpse of my bag’s content.

Gov’t, MILF seal preliminary peace pact

MANILA, Philippines- The Philippine government and the leaders of the Moro Islamic Liberation front (MILF) signed Monday at Malacañang Palace a preliminary peace pact aimed at ending decades of fighting in Mindanao.

The agreement was sealed by the government and MILF panels around 3 p.m. October 15, 2012

A young Muslim girl joinbs fellow Filipino Muslims as they welcome the signing of the Framework agreement between the Philippine government and the MILF for establishing the BangsaMoro region in Mindanao.

Ways of seeing

A Classic and Contemporary Street Photography workshop aiming to declassify the mysteries and techniques behind the genre of Street Photography and how to be able to capture life on the streets with an informed approach and personal visual understandings.

Photography has never been easy for me…ever since I got hooked to it when I was still in grade school. I have spent a lot of saved money and allowances just to be able to buy film and a lot of times,  It was a lot of fun!..there are a lot of debates on how to be a good creative photographer, and some say it can be learned, while others contend that it is already within us…just waiting to be awaken.
So if that’s the case, does that mean that only a handful can ever be a good photographer? In this workshop, we go beyond the basics of learning to use a camera and delve deeper into finding your own ways of seeing …by digging  experiences and learning from my own visual journey.

Interested parties may email me at for more detailed information on how to join.
Works of previous participants can be found HERE