Continuing Saga; Dead Men Walking , Walking Dead, and Playing Dead

Work in progress


A mother cries in anguish as she sees the lifeless body of his son who was seen walking aimlessly in the dark alleys of Tondo until he dropped dead in a gutter.Witnesses say  an unidentified assailant shot him several times in the body.





Handcuffed men wait to be processed after they were caught peddling drugs during a buy-bust operation in Caloocan City. A total of 3 suspected drug peddlers were shot dead and 3 men arrested during the night operation.






A drug peddler lay dead with his alleged weapon after a brief chase near the railroad tracks in Caloocan City



A Scene of the Crime Operative (SOCO) process a dead suspects body in the university belt area. He was accosted for urinating in a public place and engaged policemen in alleged running gun battle.A sachet of suspected crystal meth (shabu) reportedly fell from one of his pockets later.



Local and international journalists covering the nightly events related to the drug wars of President Rodrigo Duterte.